• Lance Hightower / C.B.I.O

Now Is The Time To Witness A Cryptid!....

Why do I say this? On numerous occasions whether we've been hunting or investigating, we find more prints and witness more sightings than any other time of the year. Why? A number of obvious reasons; foliage is gone, food sources are limited primarily to meat, and most wildlife, in general, are looking for cover out of the harsh weather conditions. Which makes this time of year a great time of the year to investigate, but....there are some things to seriously condition before you venture out in the woods.

1. Wind direction 100% matters - your scent can carry for miles. Go when the wind is in your favor.

2. How many folks in your group matters (somewhat). Goes along with scent and noise. I would keep to no more than 3 to 4 in the group and use hand signals to communicate.

3. Go when the environment is in your favor - go when snowfall is present, during or immediately after a rain. Use silence to your advantage.

4. Keep your HANDS FREE - this is huge! Why? If we assume that these creatures don't know a camera from a handgun, both look somewhat similar, right? So, walk hands-free and a mounted cam recorder on your shoulder, and/or a digital camera ready at a moment's notice.

5. Take a means of protection but DON'T pick a may not win!

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