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WELCOME! I'll be informing you, the subscriber, of many of the encounter story's and calls that I receive throughout each month. I'll share pics and video's of the bizarre and strange eyewitness sightings that many folks are trying to cope with. Many of these eyewitnesses need to know that we can be trusted with their story, keep their name confidential, and more importantly, give them guidance and suggestions as to best deal with their creature encounter (Rogue Terrestrial Biological Entity) - (aka, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Dogman, etc.)

Whether someone had a Bigfoot encounter or encountered an upright walking canine (Dogman) creature, Cryptid Brothers Investigations of Oklahoma offers a safe sharing venue for eyewitnesses to share their story....FREE from ridicule, embarrassment, or judgement. We understand that many eyewitnesses keep private, sometimes for years, what they saw that frightened them because what they saw they didn't was too horrific, too bizarre, and much too terrifying to even think about. But at C.B.I.O., we also understand that by SHARING what happened to you or what it was that you saw, this SHARING IS GOOD MEDICINE FOR THE SOUL, and can alleviate this mental burden that you carry. We know that these CREATURE ENCOUNTERS can disrupt your life over time, which can lead to creating a P.T.S.D. (post traumatic stress disorder), and/or with associate anxiety and stress.

Our primary mission at C.B.I.O. is; Give coping assistance, educate and give understanding as to what the eyewitness saw, and give guidance as to how best to remove from these creatures from properties. We can be reached 24/7, 365 by calling our Nationwide Creature Report Hotline Toll-Free #: 1-866-306-8085. We can also be reached by email:

FIREARM safety is critically important with C.B.I.O. Team Members.

This year, the C.B.I.O. team will be demonstrating to YT subscribers and patrons how best to choose a firearm and what safety measures must be adhered to when in the field investigating.

"Wiley" Dave and Lance at the gun range sighting in firearms for upcoming 2019 / 2020 season.

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